Dunkin’ Donuts: Push and Pull Marketing Strategies

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In Last week’s post, Dunkin’ Donuts: Multimedia Communications and Marketing, we examined several of the various types of traditional and social media that the company uses as part of its integrated marketing communication (IMC). Now let’s take a deeper look at how Dunkin’ leverages both push and pull marketing techniques within those communications to create synergy between the company and the consumer.


The Traditional Dunkin’ Push

Dunkin’ makes excellent use of traditional push marketing techniques to drive traffic to its chain locations.   One way it achieves this is through direct mail coupons and flyers. The company also advertises via television and radio ad campaigns. Travelers headed down the road may not only hear a Dunkin’ ad over the radio waves, but they are also likely to see billboards encouraging a quick stop for coffee and a snack.


Dunkin’s Digital Push

DD also implements digital push marketing techniques to push clients to their website and stores. Consumers can opt-in to get mass emails and newsletters directly to their in boxes to stay up-to-date with what Dunkin’ is doing, and they can also select to receive text alerts of promotions and deals via DD Promo Alerts. One area in which DD could improve its digital push marketing endeavors would be to implement the use of RSS feeds, especially on its blog.


The Traditional Pull of Coffee and Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts executes its traditional pull marketing strategy well with various techniques. As usual, there is plenty of outdoor and window signage to grab the attention of passersby. However, once inside the stores, there are also aesthetically pleasing product displays as well as table tents and other print signage. DD also offers DDSMART menu items to entice consumers looking for healthier eating options to visit. The menu includes items made with egg whites, turkey sausage, toasted bread assortments, fruit, oatmeal, and low-fat versions of traditional hot and iced coffee beverages.

Dunkin’ also loves a good celebration, and so the company also uses seasonal promotions as well as special holidays like National Iced Coffee Day (April 21st), National Donut Day (June 6th), and even Mothers Day to offer freebies and discounted items.


Dunkin’ and Pullin’, Digital Style

Dunkin’ Donuts has a large social media presence and following with frequent fresh content for its followers and fans. Its social media profiles across the web, (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus, and Vine), serve to engage customers, keep them updated, and pull them in to a DD experience (ether in-person or online). The company’s presence and social media integration through the use of sharing buttons and icons on the website are effective. However, Dunkin’ could improve its strategies if it made the profile pages more uniformed (other than just using the DD logo) across platforms to maintain brand appearance. For example, Dunkin’ could add the same cover photos and product spotlights to all profiles for better brand recognition.

DD makes use of other digital pull methods as well like its company regularly updated blog, Behind the Beans: What’s Brewin’ and Dunkin’, and the Dunkin’ Mobile App which works to support the DD Perks, Dunkin’s customer loyalty program. Customers can log-in to the app to check the status of their rewards points and earned freebies.


It is clear that the Dunkin’ Donuts public relations, social media, and marketing teams are proficient at brewing up plenty of effective push and pull marketing strategies to ensure the continued success of the DD brand.




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