Dunkin’ Donuts: Multimedia Communications and Marketing

“America runs on Dunkin’,” but what does Dunkin’ run on? How about a turbo-shot-charged integrated marketing communications plan rich with plenty of freshly brewed multimedia content to fuel its success? Dunkin’ Donuts has its hands in all the proverbial (coffee) pots by expertly engaging its customers across traditional media and social media platforms. From billboards, to print ads and direct mailing campaigns, to radio and television broadcasting; the company knows the value of classic marketing venues. It also knows how to connect with its audience via the internet through email marketing, customer review sites such as Yelp, Dunkin’s blog, the Dunkin’ Mobile App, and social media platforms such as , Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Vine.


Let’s take a look at how DD brews up success with each of these media channels.


Photo courtesy of dano'donnell.me

Photo courtesy of dano’donnell.me


Dunkin’ on Billboards

Dunkin’s billboards are sprinkled along highways all over the country, but on National Donut Day (June 1st) in 2012, the company sweetened this form of advertising when it unveiled its digital billboard in Times Square.


Donuts Direct

The company still uses the traditional means of distributing coupons and advertisements locally through the mail. In an economy where everyone is looking to save, this is certainly still an appreciated and effective practice.


Broadcasting Dunkin’ – Television and Radio

Dunkin’ Donuts gained recognition from the Television Bureau of Advertising in the 1980’s with its commercials using the catchphrase “Time to make the donuts.” The company has continued other successful campaigns through the years, but it really captured the attention of consumers and marketers alike in September of 2013 when Dunkin’ created a TV ad consisting only of Vine videos and launched it as the first of its kind.


Dunkin’ is not new to the radio advertising scene, but in 2012 the company did something very unconventional when it broadcasted more than a radio jingle to bus riders in South Korea. Whenever the commercial aired, dispensers on the buses released the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. As a result, the local locations saw an increase of 29 percent in coffee sales.  Learn more about the flavor radio campaign by watching the video below.

DD Perks

DD Perks, Mobile App, and Email Marketing

DD Perks is a loyalty and rewards program for customers who choose to enroll. They can create and manage their accounts, follow points and rewards earned, and even upload money to their DD Perks card all online. Additionally, customers have the convenience of managing their accounts right from their tablets or smart phones with the Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile App. These same loyal customers will also receive special emails with insider promotions, information, and deals.


Delicious Customer Advocacy and Reviews

The DD Marketing team clearly understands the importance of customer advocacy, reviews, and word of mouth advertising. It knows that many of today’s consumers prefer to see what others think and feel about a company, product, service, or particular establishment before devoting their dollars. To give their consumers voice and confidence in buying, Dunkin’ can be found on customer review platforms such as Yelp.


Coffee, Donuts, and Blogs- Oh My!

For the information savvy customers who like to be in-the-know, Dunkin’ Donuts maintains its own blog right on the Dunkin’ website. The blog entitled, “Behind the Beans: What’s Brewin’ at Dunkin’ Donuts keeps everyone up-to-date on what is happening with new products, promotions, seasonal and holiday fun, as well as what Dunkin’ is doing in the media.


Dunkin’ Into Social Media

DD maintains active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Vine. Through the use of these platforms the marketing team is able to engage with their followers, share news and information about promotions, run contests, monitor customer feedback, and integrate their social media profiles.  Dunkin’ is particularly known for its creative endeavors on Vine. This past September, the company found a clever way to tie together two things Americans love- coffee and football. This particular campaign was so successful it was used on digital billboards and television ads.  View Dunkin’s football Vine video below.

When it comes to Integrated Marketing Communications and successful use of multimedia communications to build its brand and engage the public, Dunkin’ Donuts and its marketing team take the cake (donut)!



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